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Website Design and Management Training in Lagos


The workshop is a 4 weekend hands-on practical training session on how to design, publish and manage a website on the internet. The workshop is intended to motivate, educate and give students a starting point on how things work online most importantly on business and wealth creation.

The first day of the event will introduce students to fundamentals of website designing – these include how the internet works, structure, tools and materials needed. The second day and subsequent days will introduce students to website basics such as HTML, Web Hosting, Content Management System, Tools and Resources needed to design a website. The instructor will show students a Step by Step guide on how to create a Website from scratch using a company website as a case study.

The workshop will be rounded up with ideas and brainstorming for project session where participants would be encouraged to come up with what they feel is likely to become their personal project. For this session, students will be grouped based on their competency and interest for smooth execution. The most important part would focus on how to get started on the idea and future monetization.

In order to get started, students will be provided with a Free Web Domain Name and Web Hosting server.

Spaces are limited – First Session starts Next Month. You will be enrolled for the next month once we have the required number of students for the month.

All our activities will be accomplished over a 4 weekend period with active question and answer sessions.

Each activity for the weekend is explained in details below:

First Weekend – Introduction to Internet and Website Design:
General Overview
Goals and Objectives
Facts and Figures
How the Internet Works
Difference between website design and development
Tools and Materials Needed
Introduction to HTML

Second Weekend – Fundamentals of HTML and CSS:
Website Basics: Layout and Structure
Working with Images
Website Language HTML
Website Styling CSS Language
Working with HTML and CSS together.

Third Weekend – How to Design a Website from Scratch:
Student will be shown a Step by Step guide on how to create a Website from scratch
Tips and Tricks (Marketing, How to Make Money and Blogging)

Fourth Weekend – Hosting and Publishing Websites (Internet Required):
Student will be given an in-depth understanding of
How Web domain registration works
Web Hosting and Management
Types of servers and cost associated
How to transfer files using
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Control Panel (CPanel)
How to use Content Management System such as
– WordPress
– Blogspot
Ideas and Brainstorming Sessions

Extra Session
Student will be given the opportunity to work on a project of their choice
Supervision and assistance will be provided as necessary.
There will be question and answer session
Softcopy of Reference and useful materials will be provided.

Students will have the opportunity to join one of the two sessions available for the weekend.
Morning Session: 8am – 12pm including 30mins break.
Afternoon Session: 2pm – 6pm including 30mins break.

Our Fees
Our rates are extremely reasonable and affordable.
Total cost of Workshop: N10,000

Once again, In order to get started, students will be provided with a Free Web Domain Name and Web Hosting server.

Other Important Information:
You are required to bring a fully functional laptop for each session – fourth day requires connection to the internet. This could be provided upon request (using mobile hotspot or swift4g).

Software you might need include photoshop and notepad . This can also be given/installed on each computer upon request.

For more information / registration
Call: 08102767067
BBpin: 29874AC7
Email: info@amazingworldconsulting.com