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The Mind Is Everything

| Entreprenuer, Uncategorized | July 29, 2015


Eureka Moment – Image credit: PIXGOOD (pixgood.com)

Your mind is everything, your mind is you. Your mind is who you are, your mind is who you will ever be. Everything about this journey called life lies in our minds; how far we will go and how well we do depends on our minds. If one believes he has nothing, so it is. If one truly believes that he is something, so is he. What you think and believe is what you get.

The mind is the source of every idea that guides us through every phase and sphere of our lives, and our well being depends largely on what we conceive in our minds.

Every great idea started with a drop of almost nothing till it became a raw seed, which was then watered and tended to vigorously till it became rooted enough to become belief. No idea started like a halogen bulb on full blast, they all started with a tiny spark but in the end were able to illuminate the world. In the same vein, not every tiny spark was able to be an illuminant in the long run because; along the line the roots that held them to the mind of the “conceiver” lost their firmness and gave way.

What we see and how we see it depends largely on us, which in turn, drives us to become who we are.

What do you have in your mind? What tiny sparks are being ignited in your mind? How much have you been able to water the seed(s) in your mind? The world is yours and great minds are ready to listen to that great idea in your mind. At PitchOffice, this is what we do… Make your great idea a reality.

Image credit: pixgood.com


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