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Slum To Palace: The Story of Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra

| Entreprenuer, Finance, Investor Guide, Uncategorized | August 19, 2015

His story is one we all love to hear, one that millions maybe even billions dream about. A story of going from nothing to something, from the slum to the palace. That’s the story Ambarish Mitra; in 1997 he was a teenager from a middle class family who ran away from home. A heated situation with his father who wanted him to study engineering left him with an option of seeking refuge in the slums which he took. While struggling to survive, he noticed an advert that got his attention and today he is part of an elite few changing the world by the second and being recognised for their ingenious ideas and drive.

We have heard how some of the biggest companies today in the internet business started from the garage in a country like the United States but stories of Ambarish Mitras are fewer than the garages in New York.

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