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DESCRIPTION: The business entails converting Biomass (wastes such as Sawdust) into exportable briquettes and pellets which are a ‘green’ substitutes for coal, Charcoal, wood etc.
BUSINESS CASE: 30% of power produced in Denmark is from Biomass.
The European Union have mandated all coal firing power plants to convert to Biomass firing plants by 2020 in order to meet up with global environmental goals. And 60% of the biomass they utilize is imported. Hence, of all renewable forms of energy, Biomass has the fastest growth. The world is going green fast.
Crises in Russia and Ukraine is causing the EU to look to other sources of energy for heating for homes and districts.
Whether for electricity generation, district heating or summer barbecue, biomass Solutions (Briquettes and pellets) are growing at an annual rate of about 8% in Europe. And this trend has been consistent for over half a decade.
Also, there is a local market for Briquettes and briquette Charcoal.
INVESTMENT NEEDED: I am willing to hand over 25% of this venture for an equity contribution of (Fifteen Million Naira (N15,000,000). This stake can be increased by another 5% if the investor has connections that can further grow the venture.
CONCLUSIONS: I am open to further discussions, negotiations and forms of funding.
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Project Submitted: May 25, 2015

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