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Hey guys, there’s a software project that can yield up to a million naira in months, it grows. The software will help easing stress and embarrassment, mostly in the hospitality sectors. All the project team needs is about 1 million naira (give and take) to start up. It’s kinda hard getting capital to start up your dreams and make em a reality. Taking loans from a bank now to start-up won’t be a very good idea cos of the stress in the banking sector as regards giving out huge loans. And most micro-finance banks won’t give out such large amount. I know in a country like this, it could be very difficult to get a big investor like that cos of many personal factors they may call “risks”. I’m willing to take risks to grow to greater heights and like most successful business men, risk is an essential factor to successful business. I know there are one or two people out there that might want to share my thoughts and invest in the project. The project in question, cannot be given out publicly for security reasons.

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: March 11, 2014

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