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SEND US (faithful errand boy)

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publicity, advert and public awareness

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The name is send us (faithful errand boys), the public can engage our service to get them whatever they cannot get due to their busy schedule. Anything like delivery of documents, parcel pick up and delivery, buying of anything like food stuff, paint,electronics,farm produce,groceries,household needs,computer accessories,auto mobile spare parts,interior decor etc. They pay on delivery; public awareness is our problem, but we have distributed some flyers, we still need bigger adverts, we are different from Jumia because we do not only buy and deliver we also offer delivery service as i have explained in my earlier description, our services are also designed to be very affordable as, even the people living in the rural areas can patronize us because we don’t package any product or service we do , we just buy and deliver.

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enjel moore

resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: December 17, 2014

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