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Poultry farm business

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Land/Land security, farm house/store, BC system, utility, borehole system, lighting system, etc

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My business is a Poultry farm and processing business. My farm will offer high quality chicken eggs and meat from rearing layers and broilers respectively to meet her target market. Initially, my farm will concentrate on raising 1000 point of lay(POL) birds in the first 12months. Point of lay birds (POL) are layers of 14 – 18weeks old. My business is planned in such a way that revenue from empty feedbags and droppings starting from the first month will be use to subsidies the running costs of the farm before and after the layers start egg production between 19 to 22weeks old. Net profit generated from the egg production will be used to expand the farm to 20,000 birds capacity within five(5) years and also expand the business meat processing unit. Birds feed will be bought from a standard feed mill. My products will be sold at competitive prices. Boilers will be raised to 2.5kg, processed and sold in a variety of weights ranges (1kg and above) to meet specific customers needs. Eggs will be sold in crates. My business bragging rights will be on her unique creative innovations in marketing and sales, high quality products and an attractive packaged brand. My business market includes; hotels, restaurants, bakeries/catering businesses, shopping malls etc.

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: June 22, 2016

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