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RENT (a year) - #350,000.00 CAMERA – CANON 5D MARK II - #250,000.00 DESK TOPS - 200, 000.00 CANON PRINTER AND PAPER - 85,000.00 A SET OF FLOOD LIGHTS -150, 000.00 SOFT BOX/FLASH SOFT BOX - 75,000.00 ACEMATE T65 TRIPOD STAND - 50,000.00 DRAPES OR BACKDROPS - 50,000.00

Project Description:

Contrast is a brand name for the photography studio set in Benin city, Edo state.
The idea was born out of the writer’s passion for the creation of images which she discovered could trigger several emotions in her audience. It is with this thought that she has decided to set up a studio where she can easily be reached.
To achieve the successful running of the business, she will be bringing together a TEAM of likeminded individuals who are talented, result oriented and understand the rudiments of this art – PHOTOGRAPHY. This team will comprise of five staff including the writer. They will be selected and employed from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp. This will enable them serve in the studio as their place of primary assignment. Two corps members will be assigned the administrative duties in the studio while the other two will be assigned marketing responsibilities.
With the available current asset, an office space will be acquired; necessary equipments such as a classic digital camera, printers and papers, laptops, studio lights and other miscellaneous items will be purchased to get the business moving. The business is expected to effectively cover Uyo metropolis and after the first six months, it should have covered enough grounds to start generating its own revenue.
With our intellectual capacities and knowledge about present day photography techniques and an added advantage in areas of organization and management, this business is expected to blossom out of Uyo into other cities in Nigeria within the next two years.

Contrast as the name implies is a photography shop set out to take photography in Nigeria to the next level. We have a unique style we intend introducing to the business.
We are not road side camera men we have a studio as our office or base; it is from here we will reach out to the world.
Contrast is a photography studio established with pageantries in mind. Although we will be reaching out to a wide range of clients ranging from the family to specific individuals (not withstanding their fields or expertise), we believe that everyone is a potential model therefore we will be turning anyone that walks through our door into that front cover model they admire so much.
As our motto reads, we are not focused on capturing the present alone, we want to speak dreams to reality through pictures. It has been said that, ‘whatever the mind can picture, the human can feature’. Unfortunately a lot of people today have lost touch with their dreams and aspirations and are holding on to hope loosely. It is with this in mind that we have decided to use photography to keep those dreams alive constantly for our clients thereby ‘flashing their dreams to life’.
With our expertise in costume and makeup, at a single click on our capture button, we will transform a young man into a medical doctor or a young lady into a dentist. We will remind a man above sixty of his childhood dream to be a lawyer or remind a woman with age in her eyes how young she could still be inside.
People lament daily about how values have been lost yet there are no laid down paths to guide our ways back to those missing values, here in Contrast, we have decided to bear the burden of creating that path. We believe that when positivity becomes constantly in front of people, subconsciously they will glide in that direction. Therefore you can say that Contrast has come to be the change we want to see.
Contrast is an idea of an establishment that has photography as its foundation. In time, we intend to expand to become an art school scouting for raw talents in music, dance, modeling, fashion designing, writing and photography. We will be picking and teaching those etiquettes that most institutions miss out on. The purpose of this is to make sure Contrast has successors and creativity is not streamlined.
For a start, we will take pleasure in spicing up our studio with a variety of costumes and a makeup session as attachment for the benefit of our clients.

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: January 28, 2014

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