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online super rental mart

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Computer Office space Generator Website Internet connection Data collectors

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ONLINE SUPER RENTAL MART (planeventyourself.com): This idea centers round creating a website or forum that allows planning of event right from the comfort of ones home. It is an avenue for one to either window shop , purchase or rent all that is needed for an event at a spot comfortably.It helps guide and bring to customers notice event item providers that rent the following items( chair , canopy, table etc), event service providers(make up/over artist, decorator,caterer etc) and event capital project providers(halls/event centers, mega stages, generators etc) closer to where an event is expected to take place. It helps with the following
Venue items
Event Clothes
Food and Drinks
Cars to used
A website is created where customers can visit to see event items on display and the contact details of the seller (address/phone no) and customer’s can place orders by contacting sellers. Online super rental mart serves as a community were customers visit online to meet several event service providers to buy,book or order for verities of event items on display. Am willing to share with interested investor a proposal for clearer understanding of the business.

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: November 4, 2015

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