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modern contribution

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Partner with an insurance company, vehicle,marketers,database administrators,computers,office space

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TARGET MARKET: civil servant
OBJECTIVE: it is to encourage civil servant to establish/expand an alternative means of income through the establishment of a platform that provide an amount substantial for that purpose. It would also give civil servants the opportunity to retire to a business in existence before retirement bringing about been active till death.
MODERNISE CONTRIBUTION:it is simply the modernisation of the popular contribution process called AJO.it is a contribution process that involves the electronic deduction of 500 naira daily from the salary account of 2000 civil servants with the emergence of a collector daily.
Daily contribution=500 naira
Total amount of contributors=2000 civil servant
Total amount to be collected daily =1,000,000 naira
Contribution period=2000 days
MY IDEA: the idea is to commit a particular percentage of the amount to be collected daily(1,000,000) to an insurance policy that take care of defaulters. This policy guarantees that each civil servant in the group would collect a million naira and that the contribution would stand the test of time.
Money commited to the insurance policy would be fixed for the contribution period and would yeild interest running to millions.
This is a unique business that has never been done before and that has been copyrighted.
I am willing to share with interested investors a proposal that clearly state the profit and risk analysis for better understanding.

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Project Submitted: July 28, 2015

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