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mobile carwash /saloon

Amount Required:


Other Resources Required

1- a 10 ton water tanker vehicle 2, steam washer. 3. pressure generating set. 4. 4handy men to start with.which will include a driver. 5.auto liquid detergent. 6 auto waxxing agents. 7. an office or shop. 8. an office clerk to take calls and booking which she relays to those on the field.

Project Description:

its a mobile carwash / saloon.

there are many people who sees going to car wash as painstaking or a security risk considering the situation in the country security wise.

it will be a welcome opportunity to have a company who comes to your compound with a steam washer,pressured pumps,radiator washer etc to do the work right there in your compound,you may even end up washing all the cars in the family pool of cars.

being an home service structure the billing will be in premium charge and be fore you know it you will have referals from same breed of clients,clubs and companies.
you will also get contracted by vehicle leasing and logistic companies,transport firms etc. companies like the BRT scheme in lagos can hire you to wash and shine their vehicles in the night before their operations in the night ,these BRT buses are so dirty now that your services will be seen as a welcome development.
and in these private home you can also offer male saloon services at the same time.it just a way of saying to your clients stay home we will serve you at the comfort of you home

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: February 11, 2014

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