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importation of baby diapers from china to nigeria…

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I need four million naira for this project.. This would help buy the product,ship it down to Nigeria and clear it...

Project Description:

The business involves the importation of baby diapers.. Baby diaper is one of the top selling consumer product in the market due to the population of Nigeria… Last census recorded that 168.8 million people live in Nigeria which was in 2012,now with this population,the birth recorded at the end of every year is very high… No mother uses reusable diapers anymore because of the stress but they go for disposable diapers.

The baby diapers are purchased directly from the manufacturing company and then shipped down to Nigeria…

I am buying from the manufacturing company because it is way cheaper thereby making it come with high profit/gain and at the same time affordable to the people.. We know in Nigeria that only the few are rich,the Nigeria market is really between the average class and those living below average… Those are the people that constitute the Nigeria market as they are they are the most in Nigeria. So when you make your goods available to this class,you would have high return in sell

I already have my group of wholesalers and distributors who would circulate the product and make sure it goes round the market…

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: February 1, 2014

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