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Haulage (Dump Trucks)

Amount Required:


Other Resources Required

Finance to buy 2 dump trucks

Project Description:

Breakdown of How It will Work.
There will be 2 options.


Key : (# = Nigerian Naira)

The profit is shared in % of how much was invested.

If Investor A invests #1,000,000, investor B invests #500,000 and investor C invests #100,000. Total = #1,600,000. So #1,600,000 divided by 100 = #16,000

This means that Investor A’s investment is 62.5% of the total investment, Investor B’s investment is 31.25% of the total investment while investor C’s investment is 6.25%.

20% of the profit is set aside for maintenance, Tax and other expenditure.

For Example,

If the profit for the month is #1,000,000.
#200,000 is set aside for Maintenance, Tax etc making #800,000 available to shared amongst Partners.

Investor A will get #500,000.
Investor B will get #250,000
Investor C will get #50,000


The Investor is given an agreed fixed % of invested funds as ROI (Return on Investment) monthly. This investor is also free to withdraw the principal fund invested over an agreed period of time.


If the agreed ROI is 5% monthly of invested funds, and the principal refunded after 10 months.

If #500,00 was invested, then the investor gets #25,000 monthly and #525,000 at the end of the 10th month.

About Project Owner


resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: March 5, 2014

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