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Farmers Network

Amount Required:


Other Resources Required

Starting off on the right note matters and that's why based on a careful calculation, we will be requiring the sum of N3, 000, 000 This will enable us procure and secure these resources for efficient and effective management and administration, we will be acquiring: An office apartment, Office furniture, A truck for logistics. Finances for general logistics. We will also be hiring competent hands in administration, finance, community Liaison professional and market analyst.

Project Description:

A network where farmers are empowered to grow better farm yields and market their produce directly to the needed markets within the country through a coordinated transport system. This network will function simply thus: Engage existing farmers through an agreement or memorandum of Understanding, whereby the farmers are incorporated into the network which serves as a vehicle to achieving our goal, whereby;

Firstly, their farm produce will be gather together and taken to the needed markets and sold of which the profits will be shared between the network and the individual farmers. Our goal with this is to enhance the sale of these individual farmers’ produce through direct market sales, limiting multiple middle men process and encouraging production.

Secondly, we will in turn, train, educate, equipment and empower these farmers in the network with both technical know-how, equipment, improved seedlings, fertilizers and cash. This will have a multiplier effect on their produce and the market impact.

Our goal is: Ensuring of quality and quantitative food production and transient food storage.
Facilitating farm produce sale, creating wealth and employment.

About Project Owner


resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: January 6, 2014

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