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We already have the big training center with all the necessary space. We are however looking for resources for complement our training process. Such include computers for the computer class, kitchen utensils for the food and nutrition class, sewing machines for the cutting and designing class, special tools for mecanics, auto electricity to mention a few. We would also be greatful to partner with another organization in the same field or interested in venturing into this field

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Africa still suffers from cultural stigmas which in most instances brings disadvantages to the hosts. As a result our society becomes infested with poverty in all age groups.
Our organization Niju Electronic Ltd is in operation since last year and we are aiming in reducing poverty in Mozambican societies through a  sustainable development approach.
We have opened up a technical training college where we train youths of between 18 to 25 years. Our courses are mostly practical and include motor mecanics, auto electricity, construction, welding, cutting and designing etc..we have 13 courses on our training centre.
During the training process we invite successful companies already in the subject area to train our youths and they also take them for apprenticeship programs for a period of up to six months after which they are graduated.
After graduation, we expect that these youths should go into their community and start to implement the living skills they learnt and we also give them the necessary backup if need be.
We have helped most of our graduates to open up some workshops, hairdressing shops,horticulture units etc

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Project Submitted: June 21, 2015

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