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100 hectares Cassava Project

Amount Required:


Other Resources Required

Capital is the major resource required as its with capital that we will be able to achieve the our target. Other resources we will be needing includes : Lands, Cassava Stems, farm Machinery and others.

Project Description:

Cassava today is fast-changing the face of Agriculture as we know it in Nigeria, as Cassava production capacity is being scaled up to pave way for Cassava as an industrial crop and not only for Garri, Elubo and Fufu as we use to know it.
Cassava is now been used as raw materials in Beer beverage production, Starch, Animal feeds, High Quality Cassava Flour, syrup and Bio-ethanol for fuel purpose. Thus, Cassava has evolved as an important raw material that can drive Nigeria’s economic growth in the next ten years if proper value-chain system is developed.
Cassafarms, a proposed company that was conceived to take advantage of the on-going Agricultural Revolution in Nigeria with emphasis on Cassava production for now.
Cassava, which remains one of the commodities we want to deal in and with high interest of scaling up production to about 1,000hectares of land under cultivation in the next five year, but this, will only be done on contract farming basis.
The new farm project is proposed to be sited in Ogun/Oyo state. Plans are in top-gear to move to site soon, we are in high-level discussion with the communities concerned for the land leasing arrangement to facilitate the execution of the project.
We are hoping to raise necessary funds to acquire equipments which are outlined in the expense budget in the Financial Plan section of this proposal.
We proposed to expend N15,924,000 on land, equipments and inputs, while the Projected revenue is put at N26,000,000(Worst-case-scenario). The company will be able break even in any circumstance.
Also in order to take advantage of the opportunities in Cassava Farming, we will be going on exclusive cassava supplies contract with Greentech Industries Ltd, a industrial starch producing company based in Agbara, who are ready to sign MOU in respect to the deal.
We are looking forward to a good working/business relationship with Greentech Industries and others in the cause of our business.
On that beautiful note, I look forward to welcoming you on board the Cassafarm’s ship.

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resides in Nigeria.

Project Submitted: February 20, 2014

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