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How To Create A Short, Eye Catching Business Pitch

| Entreprenuer, Uncategorized | August 7, 2015

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Creating business pitches and sending them out has to be one of the hardest things to do even though it appears simple.

Overtime we have come to realize that our “knockout” masterpieces did not actually impress the person at the other end. Which begs the question; how can one create an eye catching business pitch? From the topic of this article, one of the elements needed has been stated; it has to be short. Aside from that, here are other factors to think about when creating your business pitch:

Don’t just research, do your research well

A half-baked research effort will only give you results proportional to what you put in. Knowing you are making your pitch to experienced investors, you need to also bear in mind that they have received loads of pitches and are trained to know what is half-baked and what is not. An experienced reader would know when a pitch is miles away from being up to standard and they would treat your business pitch as such. Don’t just think about your product, services or pitch but also about the investor you will be making a pitch to. Ensure your research is thorough.

Don’t kill your pitch with hype

The best way to get people to believe in you is by simply telling the truth. Most times we are tempted to over hype our products and services but the truth is; laying it all out for investors to see without trying to sell a fantasy is the best approach. Simply giving them the basic understanding and grasp of your story will help you gain respect and a good reputation aside from considering your project in a positive light.

Forget your company, focus on your story

After studying the industry and picking your targets, focus more on your story and let the company take a back seat. Once investors accept your pitch they will then have the choice of whether or not to embrace your company. The last thing you need is the reader thinking you are trying to get a free advert. Simply create a pitch that introduces your vision and idea, gives a brief summary of the company and has a creative and innovative story which brings out your personality. People invest in people not just products, hence the importance of showcasing your passion, vision, capabilites, attitude and dreams as best as you can through your pitch.

Finally, don’t forget to make your pitch short but not so short that it fails to pass the message across including important statistics and figures.

These could include but are not limited to:

Startup cost, current and projected market size, projected revenue, return on investment, payback period, share of company on offer to investors, target customers, resources required etc.

Happy hunting for investors.

Image Credit – Linkedin

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