Welcome to PitchOffice - Let's talk business

How It Works

PitchOffice is an entrepreneur-investment driven platform. We have a database of major investors within the country.


As an entrepreneur you are invited to go on PitchOffice and submit a project in the right category for investment. .

Await a potential investor to contact you on your project.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Where else can you pitch your idea to any number of potential investors, whether they are overseas or in your own country.

PitchOffice Staff

PitchOffice staff review the project and approve (or delete) on our platform. We send a list of projects to potential investors on a weekly basis. They can then look at the projects and decide if they want to make an investment.


As an investor you go to PitchOffice and look for a viable project that matches your investment interests. Our platform lists major investment opportunities from recently listed projects and new projects & innovations which need investment from you to get off the ground.

View a project that interests you and contact the entrepreneur. A meeting can then be set up and a deal closed out.