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Before You Head To That Cliff

| Entreprenuer, Uncategorized | July 25, 2015

Before you

Before you Head to That Cliff – Image Credit: wehopeagain.com

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down” – Reid Hoffman.

Everybody deserves freedom, everyone desires freedom,  but in different ways. While some of us thrive in an environment where rules, regulations and order are supposed to be adhered to strictly, others die within themselves every single day and minute spent in such environments. The world today and the economic situation have really taken the sails out of some people’s freedom; most of us work just to get paid and survive a day at a time. It takes a brave and a little rebellious mind to break free from social norms and wander off into the wilderness expecting nothing,  but hoping for the best.  Most times with a direct mindset, self-belief, perseverance and determination; these people end up just where they dreamt they would, sometimes even higher.

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